Village Officials

Mayor: Joan Hinman (607652-6671) E-mail:
Trustees: Darren Hanway (607-652-4334) E-Mail:
John Bonhotal (607-652-5172) E-Mail:
Reid Golden (607-652-9560) E-mail:
Naikyemi Odedefaa (607-431-8692) E-Mail:
Village Clerk & Treasurer: Gena Swantak (607-652-6671) ext.*# E-Mail:
Pamela Hladik (607-652-6671) ext. 1# E-Mail:
Public Works Superintendent: Joe Hornbeck (607-652-4710) or (607-221-7411) E-Mail:
Pool Director: Josh Burroughs (607-435-3463)
Village Attorney: Kevin Young (518-438-9907)

Code Enforcement Officer:
Tomi Tompkins (607-267-3767)

Animal Control Officer:
James Milea (518-965-4290)

Tax Assessor:
Charlie Ferris (607-652-7730)

Village Historian:
Anne Willis (607-652-7839)

Village Health Officer:
Dr. Richard Ucci (607-652-7583)

Zoning Board Chairman:
James Milea (518-965-4290)

Planning Board Chairman:
Aree Bray (607-434-7273)

Tree Board Chairman:
Frank Parks (607-643-5771)

Comprehensive Plan Committee Chairman:
Skip Heath (607-652-6833)


Village of Stamford 84 Main Street Stamford, NY 12167


Monday – Friday 9:00AM – 1:00PM and by appointment only from 2:00PM – 4:00PM Closed Holidays, Open Thru Lunchtime